Home Help

This light housekeeping program is targeted to residents living between Ranges 10 -16 of Beaver County, including those living in the Village of Holden and Town of Viking. Depending on the current client load, availability may be limited, but we encourage those interested to call the Viking/Beaver FCSS office at  780 336-4024 for more information.

A fee is charged for this service based on the client’s household income:


Sliding Fee Scale – Updated January 2012 

Net Household Annual Income
(line 236 Canada Income Tax return)
Single Person
Couple / 2 People
Hourly Rate
Up to $15,000
Up to $25,000
$15,001 – 20,000
$25,001 - 30,000
$20,001 – 25,000
$30,001 - 35,000
$25,001 – 30,000
$35,001 - 40,000
$30,001 – 35,000
$40,001 - 45,000
$35,001 and over
$45,001 and over
No disclosure of income


  • ALL income earners in the household shall be included when calculating the net income 
  • Any extraordinary circumstances shall be dealt with at the discretion of the Viking/Beaver FCSS Director and Board.
  • Clients living outside the Town of Viking who have an annual income above $20,000 (for single income) or $25,000 (for 2 or more incomes), may be required to pay mileage at a rate of $0.50 per kilometre. 
  • The Viking/Beaver FCSS Board reserves the right to increase the fee scale as necessary to cover increasing costs. 
  • If the client’s income statement is not provided to Viking/Beaver FCSS, an automatic charge of $27.00 per hour will be implemented.

Meals on Wheels 


  • Hot noon meals prepared by the Holden Lodge are delivered within the Village of Holden to the client’s home Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The current meal rate is $7.00
  • Special diet considerations can be accommodated (low sodium, diabetic).
  • To request Meals on Wheels please contact the Holden Community Programmer at 780 688-3928.


  • Hot noon meals prepared by the Viking Health Centre are delivered to residents living within the Town of Viking Monday-Friday by volunteers. The current meal rate is $10.00 per meal.
  • Special diet considerations can be accommodated (low sodium, diabetic, celiac etc.).
  • To request Meals on Wheels please contact the Viking/Beaver FCSS Office at 780 336-4024.

If you wish to cancel your meal on the day you are to receive it, please call either the Holden or Viking FCSS office before 10 am so that they may phone the meal provider.

Foot Care

The Foot Care program is now administered at the Viking Medical Clinic, under the Kalyna Country Primary Care Network.

For further information, contact the Viking Medical Clinic at 780-336-4780

Seniors Grant Assistance

The following forms are available at both the Viking and Holden FCSS Offices or you may download them at: www.seniors.gov.ab.ca

  • Alberta Seniors Benefit
  • Dental and Optical
  • Special Needs Assistance
  • SHARP - Seniors Home Adaption and Repair Program
  • Program Services Guide for Seniors 
  • Assistance may be provided filling out forms upon request.

    Workshops/Information Fairs

    The Viking/Beaver FCSS hosts various workshops and information fairs through out the year. Some examples are: 


    • Fraud Awareness for Seniors
    • Elder Abuse Awareness - Neighbours, Friends, and Family
    • Health Fairs
    • Seniors Falls Awareness
    • Seniors Conferences